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SaniClean ICT
Sanitized Laundry Service

The SaniClean Delivery Van

SaniClean ICT is Wichita's only pick-up and delivery laundry service offering Ozone sanitization, and customized service to meet each customers needs.  Whether your business generates laundry, or just you and your family, we can help!  Try us out today, and discover why nothing's truly clean, unless it's SaniClean!


Our Services

Commercial Laundry Service

Fast, clean, and great smelling laundry with quick turnaround!

It doesn't matter if its 100lbs or 1000lbs, your laundry is processed quickly with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Folded and packed to your exact specifications, your laundry will arrive ready to use immediately!

Residential Pick Up and Delivery
Only $1.50/lb!

Can't or even just don't want to do your personal laundry?  Leave it to us!

Do you have a laundry pile that keeps growing, no matter how many loads you run through the washer?  Let SaniClean's Residential service save the day!  We can be a one time, as needed service, or save more when you set up weekly, or bi-weekly service!  Don't forget, pick up and delivery is always free!

Sanitization with Ozone!

Need your laundry sanitized?  That is our specialty!

Every load we process is sanitized with the use of our Ozone injection system.  Ozone sanitizes, removes odor, helps remove tough stains, and leaves your laundry smelling like a fresh spring rain!  There is no better "clean" than a SaniClean wash!

Linen Leasing 

Are you in need of linens for your business?  We've got you covered!

While we are happy to wash linens that you own, we also offer linen leasing as a service as well!  We help select textiles that meet the needs of your business, and take responsibility for the purchase, storage, and condition of these linens throughout the term of the lease.

Reclaim Processing

Every hotel has a pile of reclaim, laundry they just cant get "clean".  We can help!

With our highly programmable machines, commercial grade laundry chemicals, and thorough stain removal process, businesses can expect to save 90-95% of linens previously deemed unsalvageable.  This saves money on your linen replacement budget, and returns $300 worth of linen to your stock for every $100 spent.




Because SaniClean ICT provides customizable service, pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Pricing relies on type of textile, volume, needed turnaround time, and which additional services may be required.  Please contact SaniClean ICT for pricing inquiries.

Additional Services

Folding, Packaging, Etc.

About Us

Recognizing the need for a high quality, sanitized laundry service, SaniClean ICT was started in the midst of the pandemic in 2020.  Having 15 years of business experience selling and servicing commercial laundry equipment, we designed our facility to not just meet, but exceed laundry standards for hygienically clean laundry.  We have designed our service to be customer focused, with the idea of customizing service to each individual customer's needs.  Our goal is to provide an affordable, but high quality laundry solution in a manner that the "big guys" just can't replicate.

SaniClean ICT is a local family owned and operated business, and we would love an opportunity to show you why nothing's clean, unless it's SaniClean!




SaniClean ICT Laundry Service

1228 S Santa Fe St

Wichita, KS 67211




Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

​​Saturday: Service by Appointment Only

​Sunday: Service by Appointment Only

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