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After a Disaster.....

One in three homes are considered at "high-risk" in terms of probable exposure to a natural disaster. There is little to nothing that can be done to prevent these disasters, and accepting that natural disasters are a part of life has become the norm. People who live in costal areas accept the risk that they may be involved in a hurricane. Those like us in the Midwest know Tornado Season is just part of Spring. Prevention is impossible, preparation is key, and remediation has made leaps and bounds technologically. Carpenters can repair damage, roofers can replace your roof, but who do you call to rescue your families wardrobe after a flood, or other significant event?

Smoke, water, mold/mildew, and mud are all contaminants that can turn your favorite sweatshirt or jacket into a dirty, smelly, mess during a disaster. Instead of throwing away the clothing you and your family have grown to love, why not try saving it? Through the use of highly programable machines, the best commercial laundry chemicals available, and an ozone injection system, SaniCleanICT can remove stains and odor from large volumes of laundry with ease. Our ozone system not only removes any odors, it also helps to remove tough stains, and completely sanitizes your laundry. Rescued laundry is neatly folded, packed, and returned in a timely manner to help return even the smallest sense of normalcy during what is probably one of the most stressful events possible.

Contact SaniCleanICT today and ask about our disaster remediation laundry service.

It doesn't matter if its a brand new T-shirt or a family heirloom quilt, SaniCleanICT has the tools and the experience necessary to help!

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